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Leo Kruse Cabinets was founded in 1961 by Leo Kruse. An immigrant from Denmark. Leo was a skilled wood worker in Denmark who wanted to immigrate to the United States. When Leo arrived he could barely speak english and about all he had was his determination to build a life for his family in the US. He strove to to build quality custom cabinets with old world craftsmanship. He trained his son Gunner in the same beliefs and in 1995 Leo retired and turned the business over to Gunner. Gunner has also strove to keep the same commitment to build a quality product for all his customers. In 1996 Gunner brought on a new partner, Dave Lacher, who also was trained in the old world craftsmanship and also has the same commitment to excellence as Gunner. We have also added Gunner's son Christophe, now the third generation Kruse to build on the legacy of Leo Kruse Cabinets.